1 November, 2017

Highlights from GAPFA Technical Congress and Annual meeting 2017 in Toronto, Canada

The Technical Congress and Annual Meetings 2017 of the Global Alliance of Pet Food Associations (GAPFA) were held in Toronto from 30th October to 1st November, hosted by the Pet Food Association of Canada (PFAC).

The GAPFA Technical Congress contained two panel sessions on Global Nutrition Standards and on Transparency in Food Production including external panelists from the US FDA, AAFCO, NRC and the World Renderers Organisation.

As a part of the GAPFA Technical Congress, GAPFA member associations presented their country/regional reports about their current and future activities and emerging issues. 

One of the main GAPFA achievements in 2017 is the Memorandum of Understanding established with OIE. In 2018 GAPFA will continue its engagement with the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission on the development of an OIE model health certificate/guidance/standard document for pet food.

The voluntary GAPFA Safety Guidance has been finalised and will be published on the GAPFA website. It will serve as a general self-regulation framework for pet food manufacturers to produce safe pet food and to provide guidance for safety criteria facilitating international trade.

The following GAPFA Officers were re-elected by the GAPFA General Assembly to serve a further 1-year term: Diane Loiselle (PFAC) as GAPFA President, Robert Kaczmarek (Mars Petcare) as GAPFA Vice-President for Member Companies, and Jaime Lopez Portillo (AMASCOTA) as GAPFA Vice-President for Member Associations.

The General Assembly unanimously agreed to the application from the Korea Pet Food Industry Association to join GAPFA as an Association Member from 1st January 2018.



GAPFA Global Pet Food Safety Guidance


Memorandum of Understanding between GAPFA and the WOAH (the World Organisation for Animal Health)